Friday, October 3, 2008

About David and Me...

Sara did this "Marriage Tag" on her blog and it looked like fun--who knows, maybe some of you might learn something you don't know.

1. What is his name? David Robert Nixon
2. Who eats more? Actually, I probably do. However, I am trying not to. Since January I have lost twenty pounds and am trying to lose more, but am currently at an impasse.
3. Who said "I love you" first? He did. We were sitting on the sofa in one of the "formal" rooms of the mansion where I lived with about fourteen other nursing students. I asked him to repeat it just to make sure I had heard him correctly.
4. Who is taller? He is, of course, by 10-11 inches.
5. Who is smarter? He is, hands down.
6. Who is more sensitive? I am, hands down.
7. Who does the laundry? I do, but during the past several months when my rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia were acting up and my hands were really hurting, he did it without being asked. He does a really good job of it too.
8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Well, the deal is that where ever we are sleeping I sleep on the side of the bed nearest the bathroom. He probably doesn't know that is the deal, but it is. Currently in our house that is the right side if you are facing the head of the bed.
9. Who pays the bills? We split it.
10. Who cooks more? I do.
11. What meals do you cook together? Anything on the grill. He grills and I do the rest.
12. Who is more stubborn? Depends on the subject. He has his and I have mine.
13. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? I am. He is never wrong.
14. Who has more siblings? I have 4 sisters (2 step) and 1 brother, he has 3 brothers and 1 sister.
15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Ditto with Sara and Wade.
16. What do you like to do together? Play Wii tennis, go to the movies, eat out, chill in front of the TV.
17. Who eats more sweets? That would be me, by far.
18. What is his guilty pleasure? Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla icecream.
19. How did you meet? At church at the old Dallas Stake Center on Keist Blvd. in 1975 right before he left on his mission and right before I joined the church.
20. Who asked who out first? While on his mission he bet me that I would be married before Valentine's Day 1977. I told him he owed me a dinner when I won that bet. It took him a year after he got home to pay up, but pay up he did. We went to Pizza Hut in Duncanville, TX on Camp Wisdom Blvd.
21. Who kissed who first? He kissed me and actually asked permission first. How sweet!
22. Who proposed? He did. At Sundance Resort at night under the stars with a ring.
23. His best features? His nice blue eyes, his forgiving nature, his calm cool collectiveness and his Clint Eastwoodness.
24. What is his greatest quality? He knows a good choice in a wife when he sees one.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

See what Chris has been up to...

Chris at Alcatraz

View of the Golden Gate Bridge

Chris' apartment--2nd floor furthest to the left/his office building

Chris and friend from Provo/Alcatraz Island

Since Chris has retired from blogging (he IS a big-time executive now), I asked him if I could publish this email I got from him which is just as good aa a blog. He said yes--so here it is. I'll add some pics too.

So, things here are going well. My roommates Mike and Ed are pretty
cool guys, and we live in a nice place right next to the Golden Gate
bridge in a neighborhood called the Presidio. I live just a few
hundred yards from a great beach called Baker Beach, and there are
fantastic running trails all throughout the neighborhood. I live in a
quiet, clean area, and there are a few other apartments close by with
LDS guys and girls.

I spent my first few days here before I started work just checking out
the peninsula, including finding a new bank, grocery stores (they've
got a Costco!), the church where I've been attending Sunday meetings,
FHE, and weekly institute, and a few other sites like Golden Gate park
and the downtown area. The distance from one side of the peninsula to
the other really isn't very much at all (like 6 or 7 miles), so
getting around with a car is great. The public transportation is
decent, but it's much quicker to have my own car. I'll have to start
shopping around since I have to give the Corolla I'm using back to my
dad around Christmas time.

As far as work goes, I did a lot of training last week and have just
recently started working on some small client engagements. I don't
know everyone in the office yet, but for the most part people seem
very friendly and willing to help me in my transition. I still
haven't been paid yet (hopefully I will be this Friday), so sometimes
I forget why I'm there, but I feel pretty good about it all. Also,
two people I work with are BYU grads, and one, a guy named Matt, lives
in my neighborhood. We've become pretty good friends, and it's nice
to have someone to be able to go to with questions. You asked how
long it takes me to get to work... From my bedroom to my cubicle it
takes almost exactly 45 minutes. I drive to a bus stop about 2 miles
away, and then I take a free bus that goes to downtown. It drops me
off right next to where I work, which is a big blessing. The commute
is a little long (especially during rush hour), but I feel lucky to
have a free way to get there each day.

I've been to two different wards since I've been here, one about 3 or
4 miles from where I live, and the other in Palo Alto (nearly an hour
drive). Both had a lot of fun people in them (along with a few weird
people, but they are single's wards so I expected that). I will
probably end up attending the ward closest to where I live despite the
fact that the majority of the people attending it are older than me.

As far as fun things I've done since I got here, I spent Saturday with
a friend who was here visiting from Provo, and we went and saw
Alcatraz island. It was a lot of fun, and I especially liked the
audio tour they gave on the island. It was put together by ex-prison
guards and ex-convicts who had actually been on the island during its
use as a federal prison, and they had some amazing stories to share.
A midnight tour is also available, but we decided to see it during the
day instead so we could see the great views of the city from the water.

That same weekend my friend and I ate sushi at Fisherman's Wharf too
(which was delicious), and we even went down Lombard St. (the world's
most windy road). It was a fun weekend.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am so proud!

I get the urge to sew about once a decade. Here is the result of the 2000-2010 effort. Melinda got the idea to put her treasured T-shirts in a blanket form (so far I think she has made three so far and has one cut out and ready to make for Mike), so I gathered all of mine and a few cast-offs from David and Chris and made my own. I think it turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. It is a great way to preserve those memories that only a T-shirt can. Besides, I don't look good in a T-shirt anyway!
I am excited to have found that Kodi & Lindsey, Willi, Teddy, and Acey & Jenny Nixon are already bloggers. Although Acey & Jenny really could use a little coaching on what the blog thing is all about (no offense intended :) ) I have added them to my link list as you can see.
To update the family goings on: Chris is loving San Fran. His job is just getting underway after a week+ of orientation and getting in the swing of things. He likes his ward and has even gone to intstitute at least once. He isn't too keen on the 45 minute commute each way to work, but it could be so much worse. He is just spoiled 'cause David has only had a 15 minute commute for the past ten years or so.

Mike is very nearly finished with his portfolio. You can see some of the pics of his projects that will be going into the finished product on his blog. Hopefully he will be starting to make phone calls to prospective employers next week. Hopefully.

Melinda is getting ready for a "Halloween" project with her kids at school. She just bought 24 gourds and pumkins that the kids will color and put stickers on. She can't actually call it a Halloween project because technically they can't celebrate any holidays at the school in order to be completely politically correct. Oh brother.

Matt is plugging along at school and has decided to work toward applying to the Marriot School of Management next year. GO MATT!! He sounds really happy to have made a decision about his schooling and career plans and feels really good and secure about his recent decisions.

Sara has been getting off of all the medications she has been on for many years. As a result, she hasn't been feeling too well for a long while. But, it looks like she is starting to feel better now and the effects of coming off of the meds are starting to wear off. She has accepted a job at a new kiosk in University Mall that will sell baby beanies and leg warmers. It is a new business and hasn't actually started up yet. She should have some more info. about a start up date this week. The owners have the actual kiosk already and just need to get it set up with product.

David hasn't heard anything yet about his job. We continue to wait. And wait. And wait. It is about to drive me crazy even though I am trying really hard to not let it. I have had five migraines in the last six or seven days. I REALLY am trying!! We are supposed to hear something by the end of this week, but I am not holding my breath. Stay tuned!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

...and on with the story. that Sara has finally updated her blog, I can safely update mine. I know that sounds pretty lame, but after you read hers, you will know why I haven't been able to update mine.
I figured the whole getting engaged and getting married thing was totally her deal and I didn't want to spoil any of her thunder by spilling any of the beans, so to speak.
After Sara went back to school at the beginning of spring term, we were really hoping she would be able to put the unpleasantness of the past several months behind her and be able to move on in a positive way. Little did we know just how positively and how quickly she was going to be able to do just that! It didn't take but a few weeks before she went out to a movie with Wade Jacobsen and texted me the very next day that she had gone out with a young man that she "really liked". The next thing I knew, they were seeing each other nearly every day. And then they WERE seeing each other every day! Then just a few (or was it only a couple) of weeks later we got a phone call at dinner time. Sara asked if Dad could get on the phone with me and asked if we were sitting down and then announced that she and Wade had decided they were getting married. They were thinking of December after graduation. We were not totally shocked (we figured their relationship was headed in that direction) but we were a bit surprised at the shortness of the dating period. But we were happy for them none-the-less and glad they had decided to wait until December, giving them some more time to get to know each other etc. etc. etc. Then we got another phone call the next night letting us know that they had rethought things and had decided to get married in August instead. Their reasoning was that if it was right (and they were certain it was indeed the right thing to do)then why wait. We encouraged them that waiting was still a good idea, but that we supported them in their decision. So in the end August 16 was the date decided upon and wedding preparations began.
David and I were able to make a visit to Provo over the Fourth of July weekend (joined by Mike and Melinda from Rexburg) to meet Wade and spend some time with the happy couple. Plus, I stayed on for a few days and traveled back to Idaho with M&M to help them start packing up their stuff in preparation for Mike's graduation and their move back to TX in August. So I got to spend some good time with Sara and Wade and was even able to be with them when they found their first apartment.
This is probably a good place to interject how much we love Wade Jacobsen. He is such the perfect match for our Sara Lou. He is kind and caring--putting her first in his heart. He is thoughtful, respectful and obviously loves our girl very much. We truly couldn't ask for more in a son-in-law. As time goes on, I contintue to find new and wonderful ways to love him.
So, on to the wedding. Wade's parents arrived in town from California on the 15th (really great people I would love to get to know better) bringing with them a trailer full of furniture and things for the kids new apartment. Once that was all unloaded, we all met at the Timpanogos Temple and Sara received her endowments. In the Celestial Room I realized that I had my whole immediate family--all four of my kids and my husband as well as Mike's wife Melinda there all together in the temple at the same time. So many people live for that moment in their lives and it never comes. All my kids and two kids-in-law and my husband were temple-worthy at the same time and in the Celestial Room together. It was quite a moment. Afterwards we all descended upon an all-you-can eat Chinese restaurant in Lehi. Four of Wade's siblings were there too (one brother and one sister are on a mission in Brasil)plus the Nixon's, Wade's two sets of grandparents, Cathy, plus Laurel and Tori Nixon. It was quite a crowd.
The next day everyone was at the temple bright and early for the ten o'clock sealing. It was wonderful and Sara looked radiant. The day was bright and sunny, but not too hot and photo's afterward were gorgeous. We had a light lunch afterwards at the Nixon's and tried to rest up for the reception that evening.
We held the reception at the White Willow Reception Center in Provo. It is a renovated older home built in 1902. It was gorgeous and just the perfect setting for the reception. The food was exceptional. There was wonderful music, the guests were plentiful, there was dancing, and all in all it was a terrific evening. Wade's old roommates gave him and Sara a night at a local B & B for their wedding gift, so after the reception, the two of them drove off in their decorated car to spend the night in a special room far away from the day-to-day.
The following day we all met for church and then lunch at the Nixon's and then gift opening to follow. The next day Wade and Sara took off for the cabin in Jackson, Wyoming to spend the next week on their honeymoon. Since then they have moved into their apartment, started school, looked for jobs, and basically settled into the married life. Sara has discovered that she likes to cook and has eased into the domestic life with a flair she didn't realize she had. They are both working hard and enjoying married life. I just wish they lived down the street is all.
Now, for news of the rest of the fam. Matthew went up to Provo for the wedding and stayed waiting for school to start. He was somewhat bored for a couple of weeks, but is making up for it now that classes have resumed. And, the good news is that he actually has some good roommates that he can relate to for a change. He enjoys his ward and is meeting new people. He likes his classes except for one which he has had to drop because he couldn't understand anything his prof. was talking about. He will replace it, but I don't know with what yet. He fears all the girls in his new ward are freshmen--but that is according to one of his roommates. I am waiting for a first-hand observation.
Chris left for San Fransisco last Friday. He will arrive there next Tuesday driving through Colo. Springs and Provo on the way. Work starts the 22nd and he hopes that by the time he gets to his new apartment his application will have been officially approved--otherwise he might find himself living on a park bench in Golden Gate Park.
Mike & Melinda stayed in Rexburg until the wedding and then drove on to TX right after the wedding. They are living with us until Mike finds a job and they get their finances in order. He did in fact graduate in Graphic Design in August. Melinda found a job the day after they got here. She is working for Apple Valley School as a full-time teacher for two year olds. She teaches 40 two yr olds in four different classes. She has an assistant to help her and she is off every day by 3pm. It is a great job and she is enjoying it so far. Plus, I like having her home in the afternoons!! Mike is currently polishing up his portfolio and getting it ready to present to prospective employers. His goal is to have it finished by the end of this upcoming week and then he is going to start hitting the pavement looking for the perfect job. GOOD LUCK, MIKE!!
David expects to learn this week or next if Hewlett Packard has a job offer for him or not. One way or the other, we should have some news about his future with either HP or EDS. They will want him to stay on and help with the transition here in Plano no matter what, so that time frame will have to be established one way or the other also. So, we are still somewhat in limbo, but we should know more in the next week or two.
I have been feeling better since the wedding. I changed doctors (not happy with the non-response to my pain issues from my old doctor)and he put me on some prednisone (anti-inflammatory)so I could act like a human and enjoy the wedding. He has kept me on a low dose of the prednisone and started me on Lyrica for the fibromyalgia and I have been doing quite well. He will take me off of the prednisone in another few weeks. I just hope it all doesn't fall apart at that point. We will just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, I am trying to exercise and strengthen what I can while the pain is at bay.
I promise I won't wait so long next time to update my blog. You can blame it on Sara this time. Hee hee. That is about it for now, or at least about all my feeble brain can remember. I think I did petty well considering...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and then Some

I had a really great Mother's Day. No breakfast in bed (sleeping in preferred), but a delicious dinner prepared by David. Steak cooked on the grill with crab legs, shrimp salad, asparagus and chocolate cake for desert. Mmmm good!! Plus I received two bouquets of flowers, not to mention a hand made card from Primary (thanks Matt and Chris), and a candy bar from the Bishopric. Plus, David bought me a lovely necklace that I wanted from the Fort Worth Main Street Arts Fair that we visited with my parents a few weeks ago. And, to top all of that, we got a new refrigerator!! It was delivered today and now sits gleaming full of food and with all of our magnets on the front in our kitchen. Quite the Mother's Day, I tell you.

I also got to listen to Sara and Mike on the phone. I say listen, because I still can't talk. Sara is doing well but has tons of reading to do in her two English classes. She has still managed to go rock climbing with Derek and go to a baseball game with Jeff in the past week. Mike got a job doing design work for a local bank in Rexburg. It is part time and may keep them in Rexburg through the end of July--otherwise they would be able to leave the end of June after he turns in his BFA project. We will see how that develops.

Chris had a blast in Hawaii, maybe he will take a few minutes to fill us all in on his blog. He has started his marathon study for the CFA exam today and may not have a spare minute until it is over June 7. He has a lot to cover between now and then. Matt is keeping busy working the early shift at the gym and sleeping and playing video games on the huge mega screen TV he is borrowing from Ryan.

I went to a specialist today about my voice. Apparently my vocal cords are not closing all the way when I talk. The right one is slightly swollen and a little red. This is likley a response to the bronchitis I had in mid April. He wants me to try a stronger and longer dose of steroids and see if that won't get things back on track. If in two weeks I am not better, he will go in with a scope for a closer look. The good news is that there are no nodules or creepy things growing on my vocal cords, so hopefully these drugs will work and I'll be back in good working order soon. 33 without a voice and counting--ugh!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Yes, we are back. We got back on Sunday night. I have been sick ever since we left and am still sick. I still can't talk. It has been 14 days so far and I can tell you it is getting old! I went back to the doctor on Monday and she wanted to try to dry up my drainage hoping it would reduce the inflammation of my vocal cords so she gave me a prescription. I am to call her tomorrow if I still can't talk and she will bring out the "big gun" antibiotics. My cough is better and my second sore throat is getting better, so something is working--just still no voice. Plus I am tired. I haven't been to work except for one day and pretty much just staying in bed and sleeping alot. Blah.

Our trip to Utah was quick and full. We got there on Wednesday afternoon. Matt and Chris came over later that evening and the two of them, David, Sara and I went to eat at TGIFridays for a celebratory graduation dinner. After dinner we went to a nickle arcade where all the machines take nickles to run. Chris is the Ms. Packman champion of the whole place--naturally. We won enough tickets between us to get some of Chris' favorite candy and then it was late enough to go back to the Nixon's.

We were talking to Chris about Commencement. He was all raring to go, but had no idea what it entailed. We told him about the processional, the talks, etc., the recessional, etc. He asked how long that took and I said about "3 hours" and I thought he would have a heart attack! We determined that the whole thing was going to be broadcast on BYU-TV, so Chris opted out of going to Commencement--and I have to say that noone was arguing with him. So we all spent the day hanging out--the boys played some b-ball, Matt packed up his stuff and moved out of his apartment, Sara moved into her apartment,and right about dinner time Mike and Melinda arrived from Rexburg to round out the proceedings!

The next day we all met up for an informal "lunch" and get together at the Tanner Building at 11:30 where we mingled with ourselves and ate a few snacks. After that we took some pictures and then trotted over to the Marriottt Center for the Convocation ceremony. This was just for the graduates of the Marriott School of Management--and let me say, I was looking for something sharp to land on before it was all over! There were about 1100 of them!!! Thankfully only two speakers and one of them was a student that we knew who used to be in our ward here in Plano (Austin Peterson) before his family moved to Dubai. The other speaker was as dry as toast can be--even Paul had to get up and leave during his speech. He was lucky to be seated on the outside of the row. Finally they got to the calling of the graduates names and the handing of the diplomas. It took forever, but they eventually got around to Christopher Z. Nixon and we got to do our cheering thing. So now it is official--he is a graduate of BYU with a masters degree in accounting. Hooray. One down and three to go. After the ceremonies Dad took us all to Carl's Jr. for lunch (we were all starving). I had my very first Six Dollar burger and it was Fantastic!! I think I am glad there is no Carl's Jr. here in Plano.

Since we have been home, Matt has started working the morning shift (5:00 to 10:00) at Express Fitness and Chris has escaped to Hawaii. Chris gets back a week from Friday. Once Chris gets back he will start studying 10 hours a day for the CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) exam he will take June 9. On May 10 my brother Zan his wife Bonnie and their four kids are coming to Texas for a short visit. To my knowledge Zan hasn't been back to Texas in over 25 years--so this is a milestone of sorts. It will be fun to visit them here for a change.

It looks like Mike might be finished with his school stuff by early to mid June and they could be on their way back to Texas by then. His final project will need to be turned in 2-4 weeks before the end of the semester and since he only has the one class, there won't be any reason for them to hang around. I will mean that he won't "walk" at graduation, but could mean he will start a job that much sooner. He will know for sure this week. So, the state could be bulging with Nixon's before the summer is over.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Camille Cratch
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Don't Faint! I'm Back Again!!

I know this is totally out of character, but I had the urge to blog. Go figure. Not much to say, just thinking of how we are leaving day after tomorrow to go to Utah to see Chris graduate from college. Big day. I seem like yesterday he was just a little pup...

Anyway, we take off Wednesday and return Sunday. Sara will go with us and stay and we will bring Matt and Chris home. I am glad two are coming home with us, otherwise I don't know if I could stand it. It is really hard leaving kids and coming back home alone without them.

There has been much to do to get Sara ready to leave and to prepare for the boys, but I have been sick as a dog and nothing is getting done. Poor Sara is left to get herself completely ready as well as work for me at APT when she thought that last Friday would be her last day. I am hoping to be able to go to work tomorrow, but I don't know if I will make it. I haven't been able to talk since last Thursday night and I have an awful sounding cough. If I can at least talk tomorrow, I think I will give work a try. I have been on antibiotics since Saturday morning, so I should be good to go if the voice comes back.

So I'll be back with an update once we return from the graduation festivities and maybe I'll even surprise myself and add a picture or two. Wouldn't that be something? Not much of a blog, I admit, but there you go. Until next time...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yeah, I'm Still Here

OK, I have been officially chastised for not keeping up with my blog. I have no real excuse, so I'll just leave it at that and carry on. First of all let me congratulate Melinda and Micah for their award winning blogs and also Chris for his latest update with a video even! I applaude all of you for having the fortitude and thoughtfulness to keep us all informed. In comparison, I am scum.

I shall begin with the youngest, Sara. After breaking up with Travis last semester, Sara decided to take a break from school. She came home to Texas in January, got a part-time job and has been taking a couple of independent study classes from BYU. She has been working with me at Allen Physical Therapy doing general office work and sometimes helping out with the patients in the treatment area. It has been a real treat to have her home and to also get to spend time with her at work. I have been doubly blessed. She will be leaving next week to go back to Provo and I am going to miss her terribly. She has enjoyed her break from studies, but the social scene here in Plano leaves quite a bit to be desired, and she was missing her friends from Provo pretty quickly. She is looking forward to getting back to the old gang, taking some classes this summer and hopefully getting a part-time job on campus. If all goes as planned, she should be able to graduate this December.

Matthew was able to transfer from BYU-Idaho to the Provo campus for winter semester. He has really enjoyed the change, although he has also found classes a little more challenging in Provo. He was able to find an apartment just upstairs from Chris, so they ended up in the same ward. They have spent a fair amount of time together and that has been good for both of them. After switching his major from Graphic Design to Business, he has been taking some computer classes trying to see if he has any interest there. He likes the classes and I think is planning on exploring that avenue a bit further. He will be coming home next week for the summer. It seems that he already has a job lined up at Express Fitness where he worked last fall. If it works out, he will really have a leg up because it usually take several weeks to find a good paying summer job around here. Plus, if he gets the promotion to sales that he expects, he won't have to deliver pizzas at the same time like he did last fall.

Chris is looking forward to 4/24 which is his graduation day. He will graduate from BYU with his masters degree in Accounting. We are so proud! The whole family will be there including Nini and Granddad, so it should be a real rip-roarin' party. Right after graduation he plans a trip to Hawaii with Cathy Nixon and her gang for a week to chill out and celebrate. He deserves it! Then it is home to Texas for the summer. He doesn't plan to work because he has several major exams to study for and take during the course of the summer. The CFA, and two or three parts of the CPA exam. That should take care of all of his time until the end of the summer. I think he plans a quick trip to San Fransisco in there somewhere to scope out possible living accommodations and wards since he will be moving there in mid September to begin working at his career with Deloitte. It will be great to have him home for a few months before he moves away to start his "real" life. I just hope he doesn't get too bored or burn out from so much studying.

Mike and Melinda have opted to stay in Rexburg for one more summer. Mike will be taking his last class and looking for a job/internship that will start in the fall. He will graduate in July and they hope to have a job lined up here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area by then. Meanwhile, Melinda will continue to work at the call center there in Rexburg and try not to go stark raving mad. It being summer and not winter will help a lot with that. I'll probably go up a couple of weeks before graduation and help them clean out and pack up their things in preparation for the big move. They have been in Rexburg now for almost five years.

David and I just keep on keepin' on, so to speak. Not much changes for us except for what changes with the kids. Life is good here in Plano and we are looking forward to the next few weeks. It will be great having Matt and Chris home for the summer (really sad, though, to lose Sara) and be able to spend so much time with them--especially Chris before he is gone into the big wide bad world forever. We are surely proud of our kids and the accomplishments they are acheiving, the choices they are making, and the people they are becoming. What more can we ask out of life than to witness the successes of our children.