Monday, December 10, 2007

It Is About Time For An Update

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back online here. After reading a few of your updates, it has inspired me to get moving!

David and I are working hard to get things ready for Christmas. Matt and I leave for Provo next Tuesday and David will follow on the 23rd. We are all getting excited to see everyone and to spend the holiday with family.

After much thought and prayer, David and I decided not to take EDS up on their early retirement offer. The timing just wasn't quite right. So, we will be members of the working class for a few more years at least. I know, I can hear you all crying for us even now...
However, two of the guys who work for David did opt to take the early retirement and there are no plans to replace them, so David will be scrambling to figure out how to get all of their work an his done at the same time for a while. Fun times.

Mike was able to spend several days last month in San Fransisco visiting companies that use graphic design artists. He learned a lot and came away excited to get on with his last semester of school and on to graduation. He and Melinda hope to get a job back here in the Dallas area close to family etc. We are hoping... Melinda also hopes to start cosmetology school as soon as they are settled with Mike working.

Chris accepted a job with Deloitte in San Fransisco which starts in September. In the meantime he will finish school--graduating in April and will come home to Texas for the summer. He will take part II of the CMA exam in June and then try to take a couple parts of the CPA exam during the summer. It will be nice to have him home for a few months before he takes off for his new life in California. No girlfriend on the horizon, but he has a few months to work on that!

Matthew is looking forward to getting back to school. He has been on a break these past few months working and saving money. He has been officially transferred from BYU-Idaho to BYU-Provo starting in January. He will be living in an apartment just one floor above Chris and in the same ward. That will be great for both of them! Matt is looking excited to start his studies again and get back into the college social scene. The singles scene here in Dallas/Plano has been pretty thin this fall.

Sara has been having a pretty rough go of it lately. She and Travis have really and truly broken up and it hasn't been easy. Things are finally starting to look up at this point though, and she is looking forward to some time off for the holidays. She may take a semester off to work, may launch back into a full load of classes, or may even go to class part time and work part time. She has a few decisions to make, but feels blessed to have so many options. She is still on track to graduate some time in 2008 and is turning her sights toward that goal.

We are glad that most of you in Washington survived the floods etc. Hopefully Anna and Ben will get their apartment situation worked out soon. Congrats to Lei and Jacob on their new cutie!! We need more pics!!!! I can't help being jealous of Grandma Susan, though. You will all have Nini and Granddad visiting you soon and I'll get first hand news back in a few weeks. That will be almost as good as being there. We love all you guys and miss seeing you like we used to.

We send our love and best wishes to all for a wonderful Christmas! Count your blessings and don't forget to share them. I'll try not to be so lazy with the blog next time.