Sunday, October 7, 2007

Time for another update, I fear. Not too much has happened, but enough to make sitting down at the computer worthwhile. Melinda and her friend have started making purses to sell and have a trip to Salt Lake/Provo planned for next weekend to buy some fabric. Perhaps we can talk Melinda into putting a photo of one of her purses on her blog so we can all see what she is talking about. I am not aware if she has a new job or not or just how the job hunt is going. Mike is looking forward to his class trip to San Francisco next month. They will have the opportunity to visit and investigate different companies that would use a graphic design artist. He will be gone about a week and hopefully gain some valuable knowledge that will help him secure a fabulous well paying job after graduation!

Chris got callbacks for a second round of interviews from Price Waterhouse and Deloitte and is still waiting to hear from Bain Capital. He also has a first interview with Boston Consulting Group next Wednesday. So when he takes off for San Francisco and LA in a couple of weeks, he hopes to have quite a few second round interviews lined up and make the absolute most of his time there. GO CHRIS!! He has also joined a bowling league and I understand is still dating up a storm. Plus rumor has it that he is also going to class.

Matt is keeping busy checking in all the babes at Express Fitness during the day and delivering pizzas at night. He keeps bugging them at COSTCO for that elusive third job, but so far, no luck. One of these days they are going to wake up and smell the postum and hire him! They should give him something for diligence if nothing else.

The most recent intelligence on Sara and Travis is that they are currently dating again. She is enjoying her Shakespeare class as well as her technical writing class. Other than that, I really don't know what is going on.

David is still considering the EDS early retirement offer. There is quite a lot to consider. He has to make a decision by the end of the month, so the pressure is mounting. I don't think we are ready to give up a job altogether, so the decision now is do we stay here with EDS another 3 or 4 years or do we retire with EDS, move to UT and get another job there. (Anybody know of any openings?) I know what I want to do, but I am just going with my gut--who cares about the numbers?!

That is it for now. I am still waiting for the Nixon clan to get onboard with the bloggin' . Get movin' you guys!!